About FIRst Birthday CAke Smashes

Your baby’s first birthday is a huge milestone in their lives; it typically coincides with your baby becoming far more curious and mobile - they’ve either perfected the super speedy crawl, are cruising confidently around everything (no matter how precarious), or they’re taking some tentative first steps. It is also a significant moment for you as a parent as you can congratulate yourselves on making it this far, despite the inevitable sleep deprivation of having a newborn, the previously unimaginable quantities of dirty nappies, and the many other the challenges that parenthood brings! It is time to celebrate the little person that your baby is becoming, with their quirks, foibles and emerging personalities; and there is no better way than with some gorgeous portraits and the hilarity of letting them loose on a birthday cake, all of their very own!


Frequently Asked Questions

HOw long does a First BirthDay session last?

Sessions will last for approximately 2 hours, but this will include plenty of time to settle your baby within their environment, for me to get to understand their newly developing personalities a little better, and a few outfit changes and the cake smash itself.

Who Provides the Cake?

Due to the range of food allergies and intolerances which many children suffer, I leave the provision of the cake it up to you. That way you can ensure that it is completely safe for your child, plus you can decorate it to you personal taste. It doesn’t need to be anything fancy - some of the best ones have been simple supermarket sponge cakes with some extra icing added on top to ensure plenty of fun!

We can discuss cake plans following your booking, but I strongly recommend you avoid chocolate cakes as once squashed between little fingers, the results can look rather less appetising! Naked cakes are perfect as royal icing can be a little firm, but if you do choose to cover your cake, then make sure there is plenty of buttercream icing on top for easy licking, squelching and eating.

Of course, though you will be aware that older children may not always wish to cooperate and so the degree of success of sibling shots and family groups will be dependent on their mood on the day. It is also a long time for older children to sit patiently, so you may wish to bring them at the start of the session for a few photos and then for them to go home, visit the playground or pop into town so we can continue with the birthday shots.

Is it possible for my partner and other children to be included in the session?

Where is the session held?

Your Milestone session will take place in my dedicated studio in central Tunbridge Wells. There is parking available directly outside. 

Do you Work on Weekends?

Milestone photography sessions are typically booked between Monday and Friday. There may be some Sunday slots available, but these will be very limited and allocated on a first come, first serve basis.

How do I book my session?

Please complete an online enquiry form including your child's age and development stage and I will be in touch to answer any further questions you may have and to propose some dates for your photo shoot. Alternatively, feel free to call me to discuss your session. Please be aware that if I am photographing a client, I will not be able to take your call, but please leave a message and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

When will I see the images?

On the day of your session I will photograph your little one in different poses and different outfits. You will be presented with a collection of at approximately 20 beautifully edited and printed photographs at your viewing session, which we will schedule to take place approximately two weeks later. This is the exciting moment when you will choose and order your photographs, so I advise that all decision makers are present at this meeting. We will discuss the options for wall art which can be ordered at this stage too and which will be available at a future date.

How much does it cost?


There is a session fee of £150. This covers my time and expertise. 

You will choose and order your favourite photos at a separate viewing session approximately two weeks after your photography shoot. Prices start at £55 for an individual printed image and its corresponding digital copy. Collections, which additionally include a USB and beautiful, embossed, nubuk-covered Portrait Box in which to store and pass on your images, start at £500 for 10 images.

Please refer to the Investment page for more details or to contact me and request a detailed pricing guide.

Can I just buy digital files?

All of my collections include both the printed and corresponding digital copies of the photographs that you select on a USB. Digital files cannot be bought separately. Digital is equated with immediacy, but how many photos do you have stored on your phone or computer that have either been forgotten about or that you just haven't got round to printing? I believe that the professional photos I will take of your baby deserve to be displayed using only the highest quality, professional materials, and at Lucy McKenzie Photography you will be able to take both your printed and digital images home with you on the day of your ordering session: you will be able to enjoy them, and to share them with friends and family immediately.

Is there a minimum spend requirement when it comes to ordering my photos?

Absolutely not. You will only purchase the photographs that you love, whether that is a single image or the full collection. There will certainly be no hard sell - I hope that the photos of your beautiful baby will speak for themselves.