About Newborn Photography

Each stage of development is exciting, but none passes as quickly or in such a blur as those first few weeks with a newborn. As a mother myself, I have experienced first hand how rapidly my little girl has grown and changed; at times, I have wished to go back to those days of delicious, milky cuddles and to revisit the awe I felt as I studied her perfect little toes, delicate eyelashes and rosebud mouth. While that is not possible, I turn to my photographs as the next best thing.  

I love to capture the tiny details like baby rolls, the delicate texture of their skin, the tenderness between a new parent and their baby, and the wonder of a sibling as they study the newest member of their family.

Our studio is warm, safe and comfortable; a little haven from the outside world where you can relax while I capture those details for you to treasure forever.

The ideal time for a newborn photography session is between 7 and 14 days new, so it is advisable to book as soon as you know your due date. We will make a provisional booking for 10 days after that date and we can amend it if your baby is either early or late.


Frequently Asked Questions

When is the best time to Photograph my baby?

The best time to photograph newborn babies is when they are under two weeks of age, as after that time they can be a little harder to settle and they begin to lose the beautifully bunchy, curly positions unique to this age. As soon as you know your estimated due date, we can make a tentative booking as spaces are limited. Once you are home from hospital with your beautiful new baby, please contact me again and we can amend that booking if they have decided to make either an early or late appearance.

All new born sessions start at 10 am. I only ever book in one newborn session a day and allow up to 4 hours. This ensures that both you and your baby don’t feel rushed - there is plenty of time for feeding and comforting.

Is it possible for my partner and other children to be included in the session?

Absolutely! Welcoming a new baby to the family is an exciting time for everyone and I would love to capture that for you. While you will enjoy these photos today, one day your baby will be old enough to look at them too, and they will adore seeing how tiny they once were in your arms and how much everyone loved them right from the start. 

Where is the session held?

Your newborn session will take place in my dedicated studio in central Tunbridge Wells. There is parking available directly outside. Once here, you can leave the busy, noisy everyday world behind and relax in a tranquil space.

Do you Work on Weekends?

All newborn photography sessions are booked between Monday and Friday.

How do I book my session?

Please complete an online enquiry form including your due date and I will be in touch to answer any further questions you may have and to propose some dates for your photo shoot. Alternatively, feel free to call me to discuss your session. Please be aware that if I am photographing a client, I will not be able to take your call, but please leave a message and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

When will I see the images?

On the day of your session I will photograph your baby in different wraps and poses. You will be presented with approximately 20 beautifully edited and printed photographs at your viewing session, which we will schedule to take place about two weeks later. This is the exciting moment when you will choose and order your photographs, so I advise that all decision makers are present at this meeting. Any wall art can be ordered at this time too, and will be delivered at a later date.

How much does it cost?


There is a session fee of £200. This covers my time and expertise. 

You will choose and order your favourite photos at a separate viewing session approximately two weeks after your photography shoot. Prices start at £55 for an individual printed image and its corresponding digital copy. Collections, which additionally include a USB and beautiful, nubuk-covered Portrait Box in which to store and pass on your images, start at £500 for 10 images. The Portrait Box can be embossed with your baby's name, so it really is an heirloom to keep forever.

Please refer to the Investment page for more details or to contact me and request a detailed pricing guide.

Can I just buy digital files?

All of my collections include both the printed and corresponding digital copies of the photographs that you select on a USB. Digital files cannot be bought separately. There is nothing like holding your memories in your hands, and I believe that they deserve to be displayed using only the highest quality, professional materials.

Is there a minimum spend requirement when it comes to ordering my photos?

Absolutely not. You will only purchase the photographs that you absolutely adore, whether that is a single image or the full collection. There will certainly be no hard sell - I hope that the photos of your beautiful baby will speak for themselves.

Do you have experience photographing newborn babies safely?

This is an excellent question and one that isn’t asked frequently enough. I have been trained to handle and pose babies safely, and the comfort and safety of your baby is my highest priority.

The curled up baby poses I use are similar to those positions adopted by babies before they are born, so they generally feel comfortable and familiar to them. However, not all positions suit all babies. Each baby is different: it can be due to how they lay in utero, whether they have wind or simply how sleepy they are. I work with each baby uniquely to ensure that they are comfortable and safe while capturing beautiful images.

Until the age of 3 or 4 months, babies have an involuntary startle reflex, which can cause them to suddenly extend their arms and legs, and arch their back. To ensure that they remain safe, you may be asked to sit close to your baby during certain poses and act as a spotter, while I move back to take the photograph. Some images may even be composites - which means several photos will be blended together to create the delightful final images that you see. For example, your baby’s head can be safely supported by your hand, and the hand then erased during editing.

For more information on safety within the Newborn Photography industry, as well as advice about how to select the photographer that is right for you, please click here to visit the Baby and Newborn Photography Association (BANPAS) website.