New Year's Resolutions

On 1st January, many of us diligently consider our resolutions for the coming year and, for most of us, they involve getting fitter/healthier/more mindful. If you are a parent, I imagine you may also have a second resolution along the lines of spending more quality time with your children, and (the holy grail of parenting) creating joyful memories which will last well beyond childhood.

As I sit typing this (eating my way through a family sized tube of Smarties!) I know that my first resolution is unlikely to be entirely successful. However, I have high hopes for my second, as resolving to spending quality time with my daughter feels like making a promise to her - one that I don’t want to break.

During a typical photoshoot full of childish giggles as parents made silly faces behind my head; adult laughter as children pulled action hero inspired poses; smiles as parents threw confetti over the heads of their delighted children; and contented, loving cuddles as everyone relaxed in front of the camera to conclude, it was clear that happy memories were being created in front of me.

No one was worried about the couple of extra kilos they were carrying, or the slightly shadowy eyes that are the medals of parenthood; they were instead engaged in the fun of being a family and absolutely present in that moment. No one stepped out of the fun to capture it on their camera phone, as of course it is my job and absolute pleasure to immortalise those moments for you.

Even after the fun of a photoshoot is finished, the photographs themselves are tangible reminders of the experience and, displayed on the walls of your home, will undoubtedly encourage new smiles every day.

Why not resolve to try it yourself ;-)

PS The Smarties tube is now well and truly empty… perhaps my resolution to make healthier food choices can start tomorrow?!